Her workshop-laboratory has a name that makes you think of ancient magical remedies, "Elixir", and it seems to have been born under the auspices of the famous Shakespearean verse: "we are such stuff as dreams are made on", almost as if these ephemeral shadows of the night can magically be transformed into concrete, tangible material. "Elixir" is a word which in fact appeared to Lucilla Rosso di San Secondo in a dream, and what often breathes life into the non-conventional jewellery designed by this fascinating creator of beauty is sleep, with its mysterious and subconscious creatures. Lucilla's night is illuminated by the stars, and her star is the Comet, which appears stylised in the family coat of arms and now peeps out of the logo which has become the jewellery designer's signature. A comet with a never-ending jounrey, like the characters of one of her famous ancestors, Pier Maria Rosso di San Secondo, a playwright who inspired works by Pirandello with his surreal tales and his fantastical and dreamlike characters. The light makes the archetypes appear, peering out from the darkness of the psyche, often represented by the night sky. And Lucilla's unique creations are forms that appear from the shadows like certain figures in the paintings of Caravaggio, undefined profiles to be reconstructed using the imagination. Only those who stop to pay attention are able to understand the depth, the thousands of surprising interpretations held in each piece, and all the meaningful faceting.